Impressions from the TRESCIMO project meeting in Berlin

Representatives from all project partners attended the third TRESCIMO plenary meeting at Fraunhofer Fokus, Berlin from September 29th till October 1st. A number of important activities were pursued during the plenary. The first activity was an interim review with the TRESCIMO project officer. This review was recorded and is available to the project partners. The project officer provided positive comments and direction for the next phases. A follow-up activity showcased CSIR/Eskom’s new generation of Active devices (Plug and Din). These devices are currently being used for integration development and testing. During the plenary, the importance of the 1st review and show-case in January 2015, in Gauteng, South Africa was highlighted.

Extensive planning surrounding the architecture and show-case was completed during the plenary. This included a significant review component of the architecture and various components. The planning incorporated inputs from all project partners. Planning for the upcoming deliverables as per project DoW was completed. The plenary was closed with a selection of M2M demonstrations at the Fraunhofer Fokus.

Ancuta Corici and Ranjan Shrestha (both Fokus) are presenting a Device Management demo to start a webcam. This technology based on OMA Lightweight M2M Device Management protocol and implemented in OpenMTC
( will be further extended and used in TRESCIMO.

Ronald Steinke (TU Berlin) presented
the “OpenMTC Robot Demo”
( in which the orientation of a tablet was used as input to remote control a robot. A hands-on-experience was performed by Hinesh Madhoo (Eskom).

The robot is connected via the OpenMTC platform with a tablet. From this tablet it receives the data to operate. Additionally a WebRTC session between the controller and the controlled device could be established.

This “Lego House” is used to demonstrate the Smart Home use case where specific appliances can be controlled by OpenMTC, a M2M middleware platform.

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