Objectives of the project

  • Strengthen the interconnection and extension of existing experimental facilities across continental boundaries with a specific focus on Smart Cities and Smart Energy;
  • Integration of software-based cross-industry horizontal M2M frameworks with real world sensors and IoT device deployments;
  • Usage of autonomic communication methods for end-to-end M2M communication in Smart Cities focusing on smart energy management;
  • Combine delay tolerant communication with crowd-sensing approaches to support opportunistic information transmission;
  • Leverage existing standards in the field of M2M (ETSI TC M2M and oneM2M) and foster their global adoption;
  • Deployment and federation of testbeds across countries and continents, with a focus on underdeveloped countries and structurally challenged areas.

The above objectives imply several interesting research challenges, requiring advanced approaches. TRESCIMO will utilize experiences gained in the implementation of machine-to-machine platforms, experiments with DTN and deployments of smart energy technology in South Africa in order to realize an integrated system solving the issues mentioned in the problem statement.

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